Use Of Glass Windows In Art Galleries

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Art Galleries:

Art galleries usually have lots of windows. Natural light helps to bring out the image. Northern light, which is commonly known as reflected light, provides cool and controlled value shifts. With northern light windows, the artist does not have the effects of the sun moving through the studio at different angles during the day. These windows help capture the artist's beauty.

Use of Glass in Art Galleries:

Each year millions of people all over the world visit art galleries. Glass plays a considerable role in protecting these pieces of art. Glass protects from the elements or from people trying to touch the displays. It also allows people to see the art more clearly. Many galleries' first-line of defense against UV rays is often its windows, which are usually treated with a special UV-blocking coating. You can see any damage after one day in the sun.

Showcase Windows:

Many artists use showcase windows to display their products. Andy Warhol started this back in the 1950's. One of his projects was advertising a perfume for a high-end department store. These windows were considered valuable real estate and had the ability to captivate the attention of vast numbers of viewers. They also provided oversized canvasses for creative ideas. Admired artists sometimes designed storefront windows for specific themes or products, which occasionally allowed them the opportunity to exhibit their work.


The use of windows and glass in art galleries has been around for a long time and will probably be well into the future. An artist needs proper lighting to display his works and windows and glass does just that. Whether used for an elaborate display or just a soft highlight, light is meant to place your art centre stage. With proper lighting, your artwork can be admired safely for years to come.