Michael Knepp

“South Fork Yuba” Original oil painting on Belgian Linen measuring 46″ x 60″ unframed. Custom hand built frame by the artist.

 Mid-Day At East-Shore Lake Tahoe 24-x-36-inches-uf.jpg
“Mid Day At East-Shore, Lake Tahoe”  Original Oil Painting on Canvas measuring 24″ x 36″ unframed.


Upper Eagle Falls, Lake Tahoe“Upper Eagle Falls, Lake Tahoe” Original oil painting on canvas measuring 30″ x 18″ unframed.

South Fork of the Yuba River “South Fork of the Yuba River” Original oil painting on canvas measuring 18″ x 24″ unframed.

Long Creek Canyon“Long Creek Canyon” Original oil painting on canvas measuring 24″ x 18′ unframed.

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