Katherine Anglin Biography

Katherine DeWitt Anglin has spent more than 35 years as a design artist, cartoonist and painter. Most of that time she lived in Los Angeles, where she worked on art projects for commercial sales in major film studios in Burbank. This included film, television and music venues.
Her true calling was the inherent love of oil painting. Some of her works have been displayed in Hawaii – (her whale and dolphin phase), and now her recent works are being collected by individuals around the country.
Trained 20 years ago as an impressionist she continuously strives for realism. Her work today combines elements of both. Her fascination with bears has consumed her work for the last seven years. She finds that their individual personalities surprisingly show up on the canvas. Her belief is that animals show a pure joy of just being alive in their expressions. In addition, because of that they are a true joy to paint.
Residing for the last 10 years in Northern California, she spends most of her time in her home studio and countless hours in the forests photographing animals, always accompanied by her German Shepherds and a special little bull terrier named “Happy.” They never cease to bring her inspiration, every day. Katherine paints for the pure joy that her paintings bring to her audience.

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