Ellen Gust Biography

Ellen Gust
Artist Biography
Ellen Gust was born in Rhode Island. She grew up in the Bay area and had many opportunities to visit Lake Tahoe as a child. Ellen was married at Lake Tahoe 40 years ago to her husband Bernard and they continue to share a family home here today. She has always had a special relationship with the Lake Tahoe area and its beauty. You can see how it has inspired her in many of her pastel paintings.
Ellen and her husband moved to France after she finished college. She exhibited her paintings in Paris. The highlight for her was when one of her paintings was accepted by the Salon D’ Automne at the Grand Palais in Paris. This is the same salon where all the famous impressionists exhibited in their day.
Ellen is an award-winning artist. Her original pastel paintings wonderfully capture the luminosity and atmosphere of the scenes she paints. She is so very accomplished in her medium that viewers of her work are often surprised to learn that her paintings are pastel. Ellen also loves writing poetry and has two published books.

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