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                                                                                              About _____________________________________________________ I was born and raised in a small community in South East Alaska where the outdoors was an important part of my livelihood. As a result, nature, wildlife and environmental scenery have always been the center of my art exploration. From the fishing towns and seascapes of Alaska, to the mountains of Utah and the deserts of California – I look to each region with a unique appreciation from where I have come and where I still have to go. Painting landscapes is a way to capture the extraordinary mood and atmosphere that each of these climates evokes for me. I enjoy the challenge of finding an element of fog, rain, snow, or fading sunlight and emphasizing the disorder it causes within an otherwise unassuming scene. I look for subtle abstractions within a scene and paint to distinguish them from their natural settings – it is a way to work simultaneously between the reality of the scenery and the expression of its inherent mood. I work frequently on location, creating ideas and studies for larger pieces. In my painting “Fog Rolling In,” I try to capture the everyday life of the commercial fisherman against the ever evolving backdrop of Alaska. I am now living in Northern California along the Sierra mountains. In my current series I am focusing on the region’s landscapes through its changing seasons.

                                                                               Resume  __________________________________________________ Education     2013 BFA Painting, Academy of Art, San Francisco, California Awards     2013 2nd Place Landscape, Academy of Art Spring Show Group Exhibitions     2013 “Prime,” South Of Market Art Center, San Francisco, California     2013 “Water Front,” Studio Gallery, San Francisco, California, curator                 Jennifer Farris     2013 “Veteran’s Art Exhibit,” Library of the Marines Memorial, San                     Francisco, California     2012   Academy of Art Spring Show, San Francisco, California     2012   San Leandro Library Gallery, San Francisco, California, curator                 Abigail VanCannon

Bibliography  2013 Bonnie Gangelhoff, “21 Under 31”,

Southwest Art Magazine          September 2013 102/cover 2013

Monday October 7,

Academy of Art University students in SF                Veterans Art Exhibit, 8-13

Commissions  Teddy Hart, Meghan Main, Katie Baehr, Sophie Hill, Lauren Amato,Vallory Rico, AJ Vincent, Anne Ward, Lindy Hart, Ben Childs, Galen Nelson, Robert Sutherland, Dave Moore, Sue Moore, Julie  Knutson……..

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